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Live ACIM Classes on Zoom


Check This Page Regularly as passcodes to our meetings may change!

Even if you haven't read the Course and are completely new, you are welcome to join our ACIM classes over Zoom!

We discuss Course topics and our personal insights which would be enriching for both teachers and students to join.

Read below and see where you'd like to fit in!

Keep in mind, all times listed are in quirky Arizona Time

(The same as Pacific Time during the summer)

Join Jan and Timothy Discuss the Workbook 

Mondays and Wednesdays 

9:00am Arizona Time

An informal and often fun and uplifting discussion on the ACIM Workbook for 30 minutes or so, followed by questions, comments and discussion.

Join us LIVE, or watch on YouTube.

Email Jan and ask for the passcodes

Home-Style Text Study Group on Zoom

On your own schedule

This YouTube class is designed especially as a model to help serious students of the Course, whether you are studying it on your own or with a group.

We teach close reading, so you can understand it for yourself, and don't need an interpreter.

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