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Welcome to The Little Garden. We present classes in many formats to help with your study of A Course in Miracles. Our goal is to inspire students of A Course in Miracles to read and study the Course for themselves, and to practice it as written.

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Introduction Yes, you are blessed indeed. 2 Yet in this world you do not know it. 3 But you have the means for learning it and seeing it quite clearly. 4 The Holy Spirit uses logic as easily and as well as does the ego, except that His conclusions are not insane. 5 They take a direction exactly opposite, pointing as clearly to Heaven as the ego points to darkness and to death. 6 We have followed much of the ego's logic, and have seen its logical conclusions. 7 And having seen them, we have realized that they cannot be seen except in illusions, for there alone their seeming clearness seems to be clearly seen. 8 Let us now turn away from them, and follow the simple logic by which the Holy Spirit teaches the simple conclusions that speak for truth, and only truth.