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Classes in A Course in Miracles

in the Sedona area

Wednesdays 11-12

100 Northview, Sedona

(Global Center for Christ Consciousness)

Contact Maria Turner for more information



Jan's 1 pm Thursday class has moved to

the new Choose Again Center

85 Piki Dr, Sedona, 86336

Thursdays  2 PM

100 South 6th Street
Cottonwood (Cottonwood Library) 
For more information call Don Giacobb

(928) 554-3124



Jan has a ministry on TikTok, speaking truth to  "spiritual but not religious" seekers, mostly from  the younger generations.

Maybe you know someone who could benefit. They can find her channel on the app as 

Jan O'Kelley, or the_littlegarden.

Tuesday Choose Again Flyer.heic

I was directly inspired to teach what I have been guided to learn and know. 


Answering the call from Spirit has aligned me with a path, A Course in Miracles, and a purpose that I could never have dreamed of. My life became a fun and exciting incredible adventure, so can yours! 

If you are looking for Spiritual Guidance outside of the typical self help world that will provide real life solutions, contact us now.

Michael Sobolewski

+1 (203)979-8463



Now there is a

24-hour stream

of Course teaching on the internet! 

"Set it and Forget it!" 


on the internet is produced and hosted by Robin Duncan, an inspiring teacher of miracles.

See and hear Robin as well as Carol Howe, Earl Purdy, David Hoffmeister, Tony Ponticello and more Course teachers in a 




The Little Garden Ministry has been honored to partner with Robin in bringing this channel forth.

Thank you, Robin, for the opportunity to help bring A Course in Miracles to a greater number of people.

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Travis and Wendy Townsend are

opening their spectacular new center for Choose Again any day now!

ACIM classes have already started!

THURSDAYS at 1pm for the Course in Miracles with Jan at

85 Piki Drive, Sedona 86336.

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