A Course In Miracles

retreat in beautiful Sedona, Arizona

Yes, there is a literal garden, but the expansion and joining of

minds and hearts in the

study and practice of our Course 

is the real flowering.


On our retreats, you will enjoy the inspiring natural environment of Sedona on picnics, outdoor teaching and sharing circles with others. and in meditative walks

on well-maintained trails.

While the real Little Garden

is a holy relationship

extending to include everyone,

we think of our home in Sedona

as a reflection of the original

Garden of Eden:

a place where we join in peace

to walk and talk with God

and have another chance every day to "choose once again."


At this time we are not hosting retreats,

but we would be happy to notify you when one is anticipated.

Email Jan with your inquiry,

and we can talk on the phone

if you would like. 

We never share your email.

The Little Garden may become your spiritual home-away-from-home.

We hope this is so for many of you!


For information about our classes or retreats, email