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What does a
Retreat at The Little Garden
look like?


The Little Garden is a lovely private home

in Sedona, Arizona

dedicated to

A Course in Miracles.

We are right in the midst of the amazing red rocks of the Coconino National Forest, and within walking distance of many gorgeous trails such as this one.

There are usually 3 or 4 of us living together as an adult family at any given time. Everyone has both privacy and companionship.  All the common areas of the house and garden are for your use.


We have daily workbook practice, check-ins, open classes here in the house once a week, and lots of informal sharing.

There are many breathtaking hiking trails that start within walking distance of the house. Many of us have found the wilderness experience to be very supportive of our process.


There are also many other Course classes available around town. (See Bulletin Board ). You will meet wonderful people in the Sedona spiritual community, and likely form close relationships here in the house.

one of the four bedrooms
3 in kitchen_edited.jpg

You will have a private room, with either a shared or private bathroom. You will be shopping for yourself and making your own meals, and sharing a refrigerator in the attached garage with one other person. 

Your immersion in this spiritual classroom can accelerate your healing into peace, love and joy through forgiveness,

if you so choose. 

jan portrait_edited.jpg

I am Jan O'Kelley, homeowner, housemate and manager. I have been a student of ACIM for 42 years, and have lived in Sedona for many years.


You can check me out on the YouTube Text and Workbook classes linked on this website, and also on TikTok, where I am reaching out to new people with Course ideas in secular terms.

Rental rates go from $900 to $1200 a month. Partial scholarships are occasionally available. There is no extra charge for the Course immersion or classes, although donations to the nonprofit Little Garden Ministry are always appreciated and well used.

If you'd like to chat or check on availability for a stay at The Little Garden, email, text or call me at (928) 821-0300

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