ACIM Thought Process: I Am Not A Body, I Am Free

A Course In Miracles thought process tells us that we are not a body, we are free.

I am not a body. I am free.

This ACIM Blog Post is Written by Rev. Myron Jones

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I am not a body. I am free.

Freedom must be impossible as long as you perceive a body as yourself. The body is a limit.

I’m learning to think outside the box. The box is the body, the limitation I have placed on myself in order to have this experience of separation. I have learned to think of myself in terms of formlessness experiencing itself through an idea of a body.

I still slip back into the box often enough, but I can’t un-know this idea of Self as vast and unlimited, so I return to that thought and it no longer feels strange and unreal to me, just sometimes elusive.

Though mind can never be vulnerable, it feels as if it is when I feel like I am this body.

Freedom, therefore, is in knowing that I am not the body, nor even in the body.

If I think of the body as if it is me, I imprison myself and do not know that I am free.

The mind that serves the Holy Spirit is unlimited forever…

Within our vast and holy mind, we walled off a space that we use to make a world of limitation. It is a world made through the concept of creation, but very different from creation, the opposite of creation, and so while not real, it feels real, and we suffer as if suffering were real.

We are not bound to the world we made.

In fact, we can stay in it only by continuing to believe in it, to participate in the illusion of something that cannot be. As we turn our minds to God, the illusion loses its appeal and the world we made dissolves.

This is what we are doing with A Course In Miracles.

We are remembering we have a real Home and we are choosing to return to this Home. We are learning that our Home is in our mind, right beside the world we made.

How simple it is to be free!

Think of the world as a series of choices.

For instance, you might feel like someone said something unkind and you are hurt by the words this person said. You have a choice to stay with that attack, believing you were attacked, that you can be attacked, that you can defend yourself only by returning the attack.

Or, you can choose to give your mind to the service of the Holy Spirit. In so doing, you release the belief in attack as even possible, and you allow Him to remove that belief. Now you are a blessing to the one you thought of as an enemy. You are innocent and you are love and this is all you offer.

As you accept healing for yourself, you accept it for all of the mind.

Freedom is so appealing that the world loses interest for you, and as it does so, it begins to crumble. Where is fear now?

Knowing that I am not the body, nor even in the body, the illusion falls apart.

It’s like discovering the magician’s tricks, knowing how he does it. The tricks no longer feel magical and we move on to something else. The source of all the ego tricks is to convince us that we are bodies existing in time and space. Without this foundation, we see how flimsy the trick is and we lose interest.

Before we put the body and the world aside completely, we allow it to be used by the Holy Spirit. The ego sees this as a loss, but as we choose to allow the mind to be healed, we see it as peaceful and joyful.

Cherish today’s idea, and practice it today and every day.

When I was having trouble with a coworker, I felt resentment and anger. This was a very unpleasant feeling and led to harsh words and regrets. Knowing this could not be what was intended for me in my creation, I continually turned these thoughts and beliefs over to the Holy Spirit for correction.

Once my mind was healed, I felt nothing but kindness and affection for that coworker, and I easily and naturally allowed Spirit to use this body of Myron to express those feelings in whatever way He knew was helpful.

I felt like a different person.

I felt peaceful and happy where I had felt anxious and angry. As I gave the gift of love, I remembered I am love.

When I start thinking I am this body, I enslave myself to its fragility. When the body suffers, I suffer. I live in confusion, not knowing what to do with the body, believing I must protect and preserve it, but knowing I will ultimately fail. I am confused about my purpose, not remembering why I am here and what my life means. My life becomes a war zone in which my only purpose becomes defending this little piece of flesh.

As I allowed my mind to be healed, I learned to see the body as a tool.

I no longer allow it to be used by the ego mind for the purpose of preserving the world I made through endless cycles of attacking and defending. Now I allow it to be used by the Holy Spirit to extend love and so bring the remembrance of love to the Sonship, thus awakening us all.

All I really want is to be free.

The ego says to be free I must defend the body. The Holy Spirit says to be free I need only to relinquish the idea of the body to Him.

The ego says that this is a hopeless cause.

The world seems to be filled with problems without end and almost no one even glimpses the possibility of freedom. I’ve learned to disregard the ego’s naysaying. It is not my business how the Holy Spirit uses me, and not my business what the larger plan consists of.

I just offer this body for the part He would have me play. I have seen it make a difference, and I love when I see that, but I am careful not to allow the ego to make decisions based on what I see.

My job is to step back, to follow, to obey, to trust.

I hear the Voice that God has given me, and it is only this my mind obeys.

This is the goal. This is how we are to live.

And we can do this now, right here while we are in the middle of this human experience. When I have trouble pulling myself out of ego thoughts, the ego feels like an evil entity in my head that I battle.

But it is more like a computer program that we might call the human program. We have this program running in our minds and we are not at war with it. We are just learning to disregard it.

We are learning that this program is not helpful and doesn't make us happy and we are learning that we don't have to listen to it.

We can actually be human without listening to the human program.

It takes a lot of consistent effort on our part until we get used to another way of being here in these bodies in this story of being human. But that is our purpose. To achieve this purpose we must remember that we are not bodies, that in spite of the appearance of being a body, we are free.

Jesus says to be free today.

This is another way of saying to live as if I am enlightened. I am God’s Son and I am immortal. Clearly, this body is not. This human existence is not.

Therefore, I am not this body.

I am not a human being.

I do not have to accept that because the human body experience is limited it means that I am limited.

So, today, I will not live as if I am limited.

I will live as if I am free.

I will live in the world without being of the world.

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