July Newsletter from The Little Garden

Getting the garden ready to honor Helen and Bill

The wagon's bumper sticker reads:

We are here to awaken from the illusion of our separation

I've realized lately that I'm a karma-yoga kind of pray-er...I talk with God and Jesus really well when I'm in motion. I get into sync, a rhythm with God while working physically or at my desk, and I have some of my best conversations with the Divine on hikes.

I questioned whether that kind of communion is inferior to silent, stationary meditation,

especially since I enjoy my work so much.

Is this ego?

I asked for help that ego might not get a toe in the door and mess things up for me

and the others I work, Angels All:

Robin Duncan, Sudie Shipman, Myron Jones, Michael Scrogham and my husband Timothy.

Our happy projects,

a 24/7 ACIM TV channel

and the development of an

ACIM Regional Center here in Sedona.

Ask in quiet if you have a part to play in sharing the Course in any way related to

either of these two projects. I'm calling teams together who want to help.

This is community building.

Will you join in helping to spread the Course, grass-roots style?

One big thing we need is social media involvement.

These two projects are officially non-profit organizations, and run on volunteer effort

and donations of time and money. If you love the Course and want to share its freeing and liberating message with others, talk it over with Holy Spirit, and then get in touch with me,



So, to get back to my prayers while I worked in the garden today:

I had asked if my whistle-while-you-work style of prayer was "good enough," I felt/heard/saw that I only need to stay focused on LOVING and SERVING.

I also felt the certainty that


and suddenly there was "more space in the time"

(a non-scientific term)

and I felt that my forms of loving service,

offered in and as prayer,

are acceptable, and appreciated.

I am grateful.


In this moment, Spirit is speaking to us.

Here and now, in the holy Present,

we are all safe to love and be loved

just as we are or appear to be.


The above story is one of healing the doubt: "Am I OK? Do you love me, God?"

We're continually asking this question, I think.


Save the last weekend in September for a fiesta

in honor of Helen and Bill

at The Little Garden

in Sedona.

Contact me, jan@thelittlegarden.org, for more information. I am not yet on facebook myself, so please use email.

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