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Welcome to The Little Garden. We present classes in many formats to help with your study of A Course in Miracles. Our goal is to inspire students of A Course in Miracles to read and study the Course for themselves, and to practice it as written.

We are pleased to offer the following illustration and application sheets for students and teachers of A Course in Miracles. You are welcome to use these materials in A Course in Miracles classes.

All materials are in Adobe Acrobat format. If you cannot open these files, you may need to install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader by clicking here.

The Practice of the Holy Instant: A Course in Miracles often refers to the "holy instant." But what is this holy instant? And how can we experience it? This illustration offers a simple overview.

Undoing the Lacking/Getting Cycle: When we feel disconnected from God's Love, our tendency is to search externally for ways to be "filled up." But the only real solution is to look within. 

Correcting the Separation Perception: In this world, it's easy to lose sight of our spiritual connection. We often see each other as disconnected entities. But we can learn to "look past" that perception, and focus on our spiritual union.

Illustration Chart from Jan O'Kelley : This is a chart describing the metaphysics of Note the distinctions between Reality and perception, and the function of forgiveness and the Holy Instant.

Worksheets by Dan Joseph

Inner Guidance: In this worksheet, you list out your perceptions, plans, and desires regarding a particular issue. Then you become willing to release those perceptions, plans, and desires in order to make room for divine guidance.

Flip-Side Forgiveness: A Course in Miracles teaches that as we see other people, we will see ourselves. In this worksheet, you take a step toward self-forgiveness by forgiving someone else. Or you move toward forgiving someone else by forgiving yourself.

The Three Step Process: This worksheet incorporates the "three step process" from Dan Joseph's Inner Healing. In this process, you take ownership of your feelings and perceptions. Then you become willing to exchange them for a more loving perspective.

Reversing the Search: In Reversing the Search, you begin by listing out a worldly thing that you want. Then you identify the inner experience that you associate with that worldly thing. Finally, you open directly to that experience, and become willing to share it.

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