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Welcome to The Little Garden. We present classes in many formats to help with your study of A Course in Miracles. Our goal is to inspire students of A Course in Miracles to read and study the Course for themselves, and to practice it as written.

Below are the links to the Text, Workbook, and Manual in PDF form, and a note on how to search within them.

Our pdfs have at the top right of the page, the navigation bar below (This an example from the Firefox browser---yours might look different). If you click the third from the left, down arrow, you can download the pdf. Although all our pages display well on any mobile phone, pdfs on mobile phones are sometimes so small, you may want to download the the pdf document; you can do this on any device if you want the document on your own home computer, tablet, or IPad. Responsive image

To work with the sometimes overwhelming size and scope of A Course In Miracles we have the Text, Workbook, and Manual in separate PDF files; the Text has two files, one divided by chapters and one divided by sections. This allows searching just one of the books at a time to focus on a particular theme or concept. There is also a PDF file which contains the complete Course (Text, Workbook, and Manual), in one file, which may then be used to see the overall context of a particular theme or concept. Click here to go directly to the complete Course PDF file.

PDF files are particularly valuable since search results are displayed so that the meaning of themes and concepts in the Course are seen in both their developmental and overall contexts.

A common convention for Course citations is to name first which book is being mentioned , where "T"- is for Text, "W-" is for the Workbook, and "M-" is for Manual. In the Text the next number is a chapter number "T-1.1" is Text, chapter one, section one, "M-1 is Manual, section one, and so on. In the Workbook the next number is the Lesson number so, W-1, is Workbook Lesson one. In all three books the next two numbers, separated by periods, are the paragraph number and sentence number, respectively. W-1.1.1. then, would be Workbook Lesson one, paragraph one, and sentence one.

A keyword search of the linked lessons or sections below, Text, Workbook, and Manual, can be done from within them, by pressing and holding down the Responsive image Windows icon and f on your keyboard . Then depending on which browser you are using, a search box will appear at the top or bottom of the page where you can search by entering a keyword. On a Mac press the Responsive image command icon and f to search in the same way.


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