A Course in Miracles is the center of our lives, and we have a lot of fun. Hey, there's nothing more delightfully joyful than opening our minds and hearts to the Light.

We love hosting classes, short workshops, potlucks and other Course events at our home in Sedona, Arizona. 

ASK JAN about month-by-month residential retreat opportunities  at

The Little Garden. Let's talk.

Before covid, we (Timothy and Jan) were active in the local Course community. Since April 2020 we have been putting our energies into live Zoom classes, editing them for YouTube, and having a rich life with our two housemates, Poppy and Cathie.

We've been enjoying the concentration, as well as more outdoor life, and we look forward to hugging people again!

Among our hosting joys is the pleasure we have in being housemates with Course students who come to live and share the Course with us informally for month-long periods or longer. 

See the Retreats page for reviews.


For information about our classes or retreats, email